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What We offer

  • Proactive Computer Maintenance

Proactive Maintenance is handled through remote access. Accessing your PC remotely will not only speed up our response time, but it will enable us to provide a proactive approach by documenting and resolving most errors on your computers before they can escalate into more serious problems.

A small program is installed (downloadable from our website) on each of your office computers that automatically alerts us to any critical errors/events allowing us to monitor the system health of all of your connected computers 24/7.  The connection is a 256 bit encryption which is better than most Banks. This service is designed to be proactive in resolving the errors and warnings generated by your PC’s. The idea is that most errors provide some system logs on the PC before that event occurs and before a PC actually crashes, sometimes even before it locks up. Our service polls the PC every 5 minutes for any new errors and events and to confirm that the PC is still online.

Non-critical issues, (e.g. hard-drive maintenance, anti-spyware updates, services packs, etc.) will be performed remotely after-hours (up to 30 minutes per computer/month) enabling your Staff to continue to function daily without any interference from our Techs.  Critical issues (e.g. hardware failures) may still require a site visit if the problem cannot be solved on-line or via phone support.

  • Reactive Computer Support

Reactive Support in case you have hardware failure or for the Office Network Issues.

  • Web/Email Hosting

    • We offer Web and Email hosting on either shared servers with other domains or your own Virtual Server if needed for Larger Companies that produce a large amount of Web or Email traffic. Our Spam filters help keep your Inbox clean

  • Remote backup

Remote backup allow you to have an offsite backup of your critical business data. There is a monthly fee for each computer that is backed up. Most of my clients say they will backup but I have found almost none do so I have setup this new option. The backup like the remote service is secure and encrypted to protect your data. The data is stored and secured at my office and never in some unknown void out on the internet.

  • Help Desk Support for you Network and PC Issues

    • Help Desk for most of your normal Office Applications and operations is provided as needed. It can range from Excel and Word help up to database programming and some accounting packages

 Remember for critical issues we will only be a Web Request, Email or Call away.

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